Our Company FAQ

All about The Vermont Flannel Co.™

With a rich New England heritage, The Vermont Flannel Company is dedicated to world comfort and committed to American manufacturing and craftsmanship. Find answers to our frequently asked questions, and learn more about why we’re a top American brand for authentic flannel shirts, cozy pajamas, and other quality Vermont gifts.

Who owns The Vermont Flannel Company?

The Vermont Flannel Company was founded by Mark and Linda Baker in East Barre, Vermont in 1991. Around 2019, the couple was ready to retire and sought out a partner who would keep the company true to its heritage. In 2022, The Vermont Flannel Company became a part of USA Brands.

Our flannel family is still right here in Vermont. However, we’ve now strengthened our commitment to American jobs, quality craftsmanship, and affordable USA-made clothing by joining with this larger group committed to supporting U.S. apparel production.

Where are Vermont Flannel Company store locations?

We currently have six stores in Vermont and two locations in Maine. We also annually attend the Big E, the world’s only multi-state fair in New England. Find the nearest Vermont Flannel Co. store near you.

Are Vermont Flannel Co. products manufactured in the USA?

Yes, of course! It’s our passion and what sets us apart from other outdoor clothing brands and retailers. 

It’s important to let you know that commercial flannel production is extremely limited in the U.S. Most flannel cloth is produced in Europe, so we source our high-quality, GOTS-certified fabric from a trusted partner in Portugal. 

We are proud to manufacture our products in America. After we receive our custom-made fabric, all our products are hand-cut, sewn, and inspected by production teams in the USA.

Are Vermont Flannel Co. products sustainable?

Buying products that are handcrafted in the USA (versus products manufactured overseas) reduces the environmental impact of the transport of goods and supports local economies.

In addition, with a few exceptions, almost all of our flannels are made from eco-friendly organic cotton. Our 100% organic cotton flannel is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). This means that its processing and manufacturing meets specific environmental and social criteria, such as proper water treatment, safe working conditions, fair wages, and no chemicals remaining in the cotton we source. We follow the world’s leading standard for organic fabric to deliver the very best flannels to you and your family. Learn more about what it means to be GOTS-certified. 

Do you offer corporate and group sales? 

We welcome corporate sales, wedding orders, and team gifts. We even do branded merchandise and custom labels. Our stylish flannels are soft, warm, and made to perform. Businesses, organizations, event planners, gift shops, wedding parties, and, yes, your large group can benefit from volume discounts on most of our American-manufactured products. We also offer a wholesale program to select partners. 

Do you offer Vermont Flannel Company gift cards?

Yes! Offering endless comfort with an authentic Vermont touch, our handcrafted flannel products make the perfect gift for any occasion. Give soft plaid shirts, flannel pajamas, cozy blankets, or let them choose! Physical gift cards are available at all retail stores. Purchase e-gift cards online and we’ll help your friends and family gear up with our cold-weather apparel and accessories.

What if I have more flannel questions?

We strive for superior quality products and the best customer service. Our flannel family is here to help: