Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

Valentine Heart

"Flannels are red

and flannels are blue,

they come in different plaids

and solid colors too,

but I need a gift, and

I don’t know what to do…."

The day of hearts, and would you be mine? cards is upon us, along with the colorful pink hues of carnations, and those long awkward pauses, low-lidded grimaces, and over-enthused responses when someone inquires about your evening plans. But not this year, this year will be different, it is the twenty-first century after all, and maybe it is time to be original, pick something more meaningful than the typical, cards, roses, chocolates, silver and gold, to show your affection for your Valentine in a new way, that is your own.

This year I tell you, nay, I implore you, get flannel, and get love! Give the gift your person didn’t know that they needed. Give the gift of comfortability and warmth, show your affection for your Valentine with the physical superiority of Vermont FlannelTM. Our Classic Shirts are the perfect solution to the winter chills, keep your loved one’s heart toasty! Or, get a blanket to snuggle down into for a romantic evening, or get a little something, to show that you are thinking of them: a scarf, a scrunchie, but whatever it is, get flannel, give your Valentine the quality that they deserve with Vermont FlannelTM. 

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