The Holidays, a Toast from Vermont

The Holidays, a Toast from Vermont

The air burns the lungs, and you can feel it descend upon exposed skin, your hair rises and breath crystallizes against your scarf, but it is quiet, so quiet that in fact that you can hear the crush of each track you lay in the snow. Many people flee from winters in Vermont, myself included for a number of years, but today, I find it rather awe-inspiring. It is an almost sublime beauty.

Vermont has its own landscape, it’s own look and aesthetic. It is made up of a raw, unfiltered beauty that still rests in ruralness. Fields show an unbroken slate of snow, boughs of evergreen become laden with shawls of white, and the trees begin to crack and groan with the language of winter as water freezes and expands causing some trees to burst. There are the folks that flee from it, but there are still many that settle in. But no matter where people are, this time of year causes the four-letter word to descend upon people’s mind and crescendo in the head, gifts! Gifts, gifts, giftsgiftsgiftsgiftsgifts!

When this happens, and the holiday season flurries hit, I guide you to the beacon of The Vermont Flannel Company.

Buy a loved one, one of our fleece and flannel blankets or one of our classic shirts, get ready for the holiday parties with wine sleeves, beer hugs, or for the craft enthusiasts, growler bags.

You could buy flanyards for your coworkers, a fleece and flannel hat or scarf for that beloved person who shovels the yard for you, or at least maybe sometimes with you?

And something for yourself, always something for yourself, perhaps a blanket or some lounge pants. But no matter what you decide on and how deep the winter, don’t fret, just remember the Vermont Flannel Company has you covered. Stay cozy!

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