The Eleventh Month and Flannel

The Eleventh Month and Flannel

“His beard was all colors, a grove of trees in autumn, deep brown and fire-orange and wine-red, an untrimmed tangle across the lower half of his face. His cheeks were apple-red. He looked like a friend; like someone you had known all your life.”

― Neil Gaiman, Fragile Things: Short Fictions and Wonders

The leaves have shed their leaves and the temperature keeps dropping, it’s getting darker earlier and staying darker later making your once perfectly timed morning routine now a scramble, because to get out of bed in this state of times is nigh impossible. Lately, I more or less roll to the coffee pot eyes closed. Not much sun, not much color, not much snow, just a landscape of waiting. It’s going to be November, a whole rather dreary month, in my opinion, of not much of anything until the fourth Thursday, then begins the flourish of holiday season. But we have to make it to then.

I think plenty of people have heard of it by now, the blend of words for November, Movember or No-Shave-November, a month where mustaches, beards, legs what have you, experience unprecedented growth. Luxurious coats of reds, browns, ravens, blondes come in to raise awareness, support and in support of men’s health. Competitions and self-imposed goals abound, as well as many places you can find to make donations to cancer societies, research centers and fundraisers for men’s health.

For the moment however, let’s talk about style. What do you pair with luxurious hair growth? My answer would be the softest 100% cotton product on earth, Vermont Flannel™. If you are decking out your face, you got to “flannelize™” your body too! Flannel goes with everything, and screams an aesthetic of comfort and confidence in your own skin. What goes better with hair than flannel!? To be there for others you really should be there for yourself first, I forget that sometimes. For me, to support myself, I grab what I hope will be a good book, coffee or tea depending on the time of day and some kind of flannel garment. Maybe a dog or two too!

So slip on a flannel, get hairy, and smile with your November manes.

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