Thanksgiving Feast

Thanksgiving Feast

Guess what day it is?! The best day of the year, at least in my humble opinion, so gobble from the rooftops ladies and gents, just make sure your footing is sure, it’s Thanksgiving! I will not even begin to presume your day’s delicacies but I will tell you the first thing on my agenda, a proper pair of pants! This will vacillate between two, and if you say jeans, well, get ready to have your mind blown, flannel lounge pants, because not only are they elastic and comfortable, but they come in a variety of lovely patterns so they are easy to dress up, and look haphazardly en point, my favorite look! Believe me, it’s in. If you still want to go “a little dressier,” I’d go for our Vermont Flannel leggings. Why? It is simple, people over the years, at least through my observations, turn into one or a conglomeration of what I think are five types of Turkey Dinner feasters, there is:

  1. The Snacker: This person picks their way through the selections of hors d'oeuvres, in my family, dried fruits, nuts, cheeses and crackers to go along with the drinks. Are these snacks delicious? No. But, they are there, so they are eaten, so when the turkey comes around, belly room is minimal to none.
  2. The Binger: This person gorges, heaping foods of their desire over their plate for multiple servings, and must slouch away from the dinner table, to lie down, immediately, and then hoist themselves up to shuffle back for dessert, to go lay back down again.
  3. The Moderator: Not necessarily the person who is foolheartedly trying to diet around the holidays, but the person who parcels out exactly what they think they will consume and hardly ever goes for seconds.
  4. The Pie and/or Dessert Fiend: A feaster, but the person who will monitor themselves to make sure that they are still capable of devouring the assortment of after dinner sweets
  5. The Shoveler: Often a football enthusiast, this person needs to get back to the game, but is obligated to not sit in view of the tv, so they shovel, with etiquette.

I fall somewhere in the giblets of the shoveler and the binger, it is my happy sweet spot. Thanksgiving does come but once a year right? So, prepare from the beginning, dress for the feast! In other words, get flannelized™!

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