Meet the Maker: Jon Deerfield, Cabinetmaker

Meet the Maker: Jon Deerfield, Cabinetmaker

“Essentially, we take big sticks of wood, turn them into little sticks of wood and then glue them to other sticks of wood,” jokes Jon Deerfield, owner of Real Tree Woodworking. 

Of course, it’s a gross simplification of what goes on in Deerfield’s 3500-square-foot operation in Duxbury, Vermont. The shop—purchased lock, stock, and barrel from a retiring woodworker just when Deerfield was ready to size up—is a well-equipped, highly-organized operation that transforms raw wood and plywood into beautifully handcrafted kitchen cabinets, furniture, and more. 

This is not piecework or assembly line construction. Jon and his assistant, Matt Joyce, focus on just one or two jobs at a time, carefully fitting, sizing, and crafting items to order—things they can be proud of. “There is no feeling like finishing a job,” Jon says, “presenting it to the client, and having them say it is exactly what they were dreaming of.”

And more than likely (if the weather hasn’t been too hot in the shop) Jon is wearing his favorite Vermont Flannel shirt while planning and building those cabinets. Because that’s just how he rolls. 

Vermont makers wear Vermont Flannel. 

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