It’s All in How you Carry Yourself

It’s All in How you Carry Yourself

One, it’s seven o’clock on a cool morning, mist is still rising from the trees, the smell of coffee is starting to awaken your senses and you know, in twenty minutes you are supposed to be heading to the gym.

Or, two, it is five o’clock in the afternoon, bleary-eyed, you have just risen from your desk, you quickly shuffle to your car, plop into the driver’s seat, and realize you said to yourself that today would be a day of activity. You’re supposed to be going to the gym, or a hike, walk, run, or breaking out that bike that you haven’t ridden in so long that for the briefest of seconds you think maybe training wheels would be a good idea...

You are more or less geared to do your daily dose of exercise but there are just these concerns (besides just wanting to go home and flannelize™ yourself and get comfortable): what to carry your gym snacks in, or your keys and phone, what to do with the little knick-knacks required for motion productivity?

Here I have two words for you, “Flanny Pack !!!”

Wrap that flannel pack around your handlebars, your waist, get peddling, strutting, or lunging. Enjoy the ease of having everything that you need to make your workout more pleasant without the fear of being snackless, anxiety about phones falling and flying off the back of a treadmill, no worry of not having a band-aid, or the nagging fear of having to leave your valuables somewhere. Make every part of your day a little more comfortable, and look flantastic™! Be that person everyone glances at enviously through sweaty mascara.

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