Happy Easter Folks!

Happy Easter Folks!

Fast Forward to April 12th

For many, it has been a long night. Deep into the tick of hours, baskets were being loaded, strewn with green easter grass, or hopefully a more sustainable product, maps were being drawn, eggs painted or dyed and plastic eggs were being stuffed with candy and other goodies and laid into secretive places about the house and yard for it is the night before Easter. Depending on the family, there are many traditions that each have surrounding this holiday.

Growing up, before we had pets anyways, when my siblings and I would come downstairs in the morning, there would be trails of m&ms around the house, leading us to our Easter baskets. After scavenging them out, and then consuming most of (if not all) the candy, we would spend the day playing games and getting ready for Easter dinner which would be either a ham or a boiled dinner, depending on what my parents had been able to procure at the single grocery store in town. Relatives would come from church, from home, from reading in the lounge chair in their living room to feast, celebrate, and remember the struggles, the triumphs, the history, of a people, a community, a family, a person.

Nowadays, the baskets of candy have been relegated to the next generation of children, and the adults seek out a single gift and wait for a filling supper. The single gift can range from anything. For flannel, I would recommend a flannel shirt, a gift card or something every day practical, like a tote bag. But, this year, celebrating at home, I hope it is a wonderful Easter Sunday for you!

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