"Flantastic" Deals: Flannels for a Day

"Flantastic" Deals: Flannels for a Day

“Lord, what fools these mortals be.” - William Shakespeare

Extra! Extra! It’s just in, our new line of edible flannels, our tastiest yet. A whole new spin on Flannel for Food! Clothing you can eat!

Try our new Candy Craze pattern: pink and blue and inter-woven with the crystallized fibers of sugary love from cotton candy, this shirt is perfect for those long hikes and couch surfing. Attract nature, and don’t go hungry yourself!

Feeling artsy? Try our new artisanal blend, Blue Boiler, it comes in blue and black and is nitro-dipped in maple syrup so each fiber is infused with the boiled sap of our state tree.

Last, but not least, get our apple crushed beard warmers! Wrap your beard up in something you can munch on! In Mcintosh Red, Green Apple Plaid and Blue Beard Berry these are the perfect addition for your outdoor excursions that could induce hunger. Don’t let yourself fall by the wayside of this side-burner of a trend!

The day of jest is here! Sigh. It began with the switch to the Gregorian calendar in the 1500’s and really, has just continued up through the centuries. Many countries and cultures celebrate a version of prank day. For the French, it is “Poisson D’Avril” and if you fall prey to a prank you are the “fish of April,” in Brazil, it is known as, what translates to, “the day of the lie,” and in a few other cultures, the day is celebrated by pinning a paper fish to another person’s back. However, a feature in all the cultures, is harmless pranks done to incur jest amongst the recipients and retaliation is rife. So whether you are secretly attaching paper, stealing only the left shoes of your housemate, or putting glitter in your housemates shampoo, be careful with your pranks, for in the end, you could be pranking yourself!

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