Flannel Contest

Flannel Contest

In the longest month of the year, winter feels like an infinite wonderland. The snow has continually gained depth, unbroken fields abound, each filled with millions of individually unique snowflakes. The clearest nights are the coldest, the stars are clearest, each a tiny beacon in a sea of darkest blue so littered that ground and sky are mirrors. In the distance, the majesty of the green mountains loom capped with snow that runs down in all directions like frozen rivers, the trees bear the capes of snow stoically. The sloosh of skis and snowboards down the slopes is palpable.

It is within this month of quiet beauty, January, that the winner of our “Win A Weekend in Vermont” will be announced! Through this contest, a winner and their guest will receive a two-night stay at Hotel Vermont in Burlington, near the edges of Lake Champlain.

Burlington is Vermont’s most populous city and possesses a beautiful red brick street filled with a variety of unique shops, Church Street. Craft stores or apparel, restaurants and cafes, and much more, there’s something for everyone. This is a great location to utilize your $100 Visa card. Church Street is also home to our Vermont Flannel™ store, one of five locations where the $200 Vermont Flannel™ gift card can be used, also included in the prize.

Whether it is outdoor gallivanting in the woods, on mountains or streets, or quiet perusing of hand-made goods, any time of the year it can be done in Vermont.

So enter the contest, give yourself the chance to get your maple fix and finally visit the state movies always reference as the most idyllic weekend get-away. Or, if you’re a native, have two days to rediscover the state you love.

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