Family Style

Family Style

Move out of the way Clark Griswold, this is Momma’s time!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the lovely, warm, supportive, hard-working Moms out there! You alone are every child’s universe. Although we all know you are a Mom every day, we want to go ahead and make sure we recognize hers, his, theirs and the other’s most devoted matriarchs.

Can I get a “Nooo I don’t wannaaa!” Wait…that doesn’t sound right? It’s Mother’s Day…Well, if you don’t, then there’s no dessert for you!

So, once you’ve finished your dinner my loves, we shall give you something sweet as long as you get snuggled in under the family’s favorite warm and cozy flannel blanket. I’ll tell you about all the ways that Vermont Flannel™ is akin to you, your Mother, even your grandmother (Yeah, yeah, your Dad too)! But hey, it’s Mother’s Day!

The story begins as a small seed forms inside its protective pod. Sound familiar? A very special fiber named cotton awakens and is welcomed to the world along with a history of many diverse varieties. Did you know cotton fibers occur naturally in colors of white, brown, pink and green? It’s lovely to be special and different isn’t it?

Just like your Grandmother and me, cotton has been around for a VERY long time! I’ll tell you why.

  1. Cotton flannel has the impressive ability to hold in warmth and insulate and YET it can still be breathable…Not exactly a Momma Bear hug, but we want to keep you happy too!

  2. Mothers and flannels never go out of style in Vermont. It’s just a fact.

  3. Both cotton flannel and Moms give you warm fuzzies inside and out!

  4. It’s been said that Mothers are like great stitching. Mothers hold the family together, and our Vermont Flannels™ are all about great stitch jobs.

  5. If two Moms can be considered better than one, than what the heck? Go ahead and get that second flannel!

  6. Moms deal with the dirty stuff and our cotton flannels can too!

  7. It takes a long time to wear our cotton flannel out. For some of you moms out there, who can relate to being worn out, we salute you, cherish you and value you!

  8. Our Vermont Flannel™ is hand cut and made with love…Wink wink…

  9. Hey new Mommas and Mommas to be! We got you too. Most every item in our store is unisex, as well as generous in size. So whether you are early, far along in your trimester, or nursing; if you need a convenient, stylish button down, keep us in mind! The Vermont Flannel Company is dedicated to your comfort.

  10. A Mother loves you rain or shine, AND Vermont Flannel™ does too!!

To all the amazing, life-giving, Mother’s past, present and future, thank you so very much. 

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