Don't Sweat It

Don't Sweat It

Add flannel to your summer wardrobe and "don't sweat it !!!"

Not feeling that tacky novelty flamingo shirt? That's ok! A summer wardrobe should not be complicated. Flannel is a fabric that is intended for all weather. If it’s cool, or rainy, a flannel beats a jacket any day. Flannel comes in a variety of weights and styles so it’s handy to include a flannel button-down in your spring and summer apparel.

Once you have all your summer flannel outfits and accessories ready, we've provided you with a list of foolproof summer expeditions. You’re going to want to make sure you have flannels ready before you run wild into the summer sun or moonlight!

Head to Vermont Flannel™ for summer time victory!

  • Picnic Outing: Forget about that delicious spread of cheese, vegetables, sweet treats, beverages and even your classic picnic basket. What you need most of all is a picnic blanket! The Vermont Flannel Company has you “covered!” (Pun intended!) Our Stadium Blankets are 100% cotton and machine washable, which makes them great for all occasions. They are all 5 x 6’, intended to be conveniently carried from grassy knoll, to sandy beach, or to hilltop meadow. To be safe, you may want to take two blankets. Just in case you catch a chill and need an extra layer to bundle-up.
  • Date at the Drive-in: It’s affordable as well as timeless, and so is our Vermont Flannel™! Why be in a cramped theater when you can be under the stars wrapped in cozy comfort? Can't you just smell the popcorn? Believe me, you want to be that awesomely cute couple or family rocking flannel. Just a tip, you should go when it's fairly cool and crisp out so you can snuggle under our Stadium Blanket. What to wear, you may ask? Are you looking for something cute? Casual? Comfy? Something with long sleeves and enough coverage to keep you from getting chewed up by bugs? What if I say that you can have it all?! Check out our Hooded Flannel Pullovers! And, for an extra cozy-happy-time, slip into our super soft Flannel Lounge Pants.
  • Hiking Adventures: Guess what? Vermont Flannel™ has leggings that are perfect for beginner, intermediate, and advanced hikers. The leggings are sturdy with an attractive fit due to our comfortable spandex/flannel combination. Now for the "Nervous Nelly" in me - if you plan on going hiking or backpacking it’s just common sense to add a splash of color to your wardrobe to keep you safe from Elmer Fudd. The Vermont Flannel Company has vibrant patterns that can't be missed! Weather you’re sporting a button-down, pull-over, or baseball cap, we want to keep you stylish and safe out there. Check out our bright, unique to Vermont Flannel™, patterns such as Bluegrass and Tropic, and see what I mean. 
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