A Vermont Flannel™ Memoir

A Vermont Flannel™ Memoir

Two years ago, I strolled into Vermont Flannel™ with my resume in hand looking for a new experience, as well as a job! I was nervous, but I had confidence that I was just what Vermont Flannel™ was searching for. I had worked years in healthcare prior to making the jump to hospitality. It was all very rewarding, however, I was still not satisfied with either career. There was not a lot of room for growth; and even though I was being physically challenged, I wasn’t able to move-up. I just felt stuck in the muck, I needed a change.

I had been living in Woodstock, Vermont for a few years when I heard The Vermont Flannel Company was hiring. It was then that I thought back to the day I first moved to Woodstock. My husband was driving a U-Haul into the center of town. As we drove down Central Street, I looked dreamily out the window and saw Vermont Flannel™, I thought to myself, “I’m going to work there someday.” It’s true! I had that exact thought! That is why this blog post is so remarkable!

Well, the morning I saw that they were hiring, I got myself together, updated my resume and went skipping into the store! I was hired the next day. It was like pure serendipity!

My first day was “flantastic™!” Here I was at the coziest little store in Woodstock, Vermont, in the cutest little town in America, wearing the softest flannel on earth, and, as a bonus, I got to talk with people and smile all day! I didn’t have to appear to be someone I wasn’t or perform an act. It was real life jubilance!

Among my peers was a woman named Kelly, who was super funny and knowledgeable of Vermont Flannel™. She had tons of experience in retail and was truly enjoyable to work with. She really taught me a lot about the balance of work and play in retail. So, if you’re reading this Kelly, thank you !!!

Moving on to my first few months I acquired a healthy, “comfy blanket” obsession. I now own five and my husband has put a cap on my collection…for now. My Assistant Manager, Kay entertains customers by telling them I have one for each room of the house! I nod in approval and I stand by my purchases...all six of them… But, don’t tell my husband about the 6th one coming home with me today!

All in all, two years later, I have been challenged, cheered on, supported, and have shared many memories with my Flannel Family. I have never felt so included in making a difference for such an incredible family-owned and operated company.

Thank you, Vermont Flannel™ for giving me so much creative freedom, letting me utilize my skills, and helping make me feel like I am where I belong.

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