5 Tips on Recycling Flannel

5 Tips on Recycling Flannel

Even though our Vermont Flannels™ withstand the test of time, there are instances where you may find yourself wondering what to do when you outgrow your flannel and decide to get a new one.

I have spoken with many loyal customers who have said they have had their Vermont Flannel™ shirts, pants, scarves for ten, fifteen, or even twenty years. This is certainly a product that, if cared for correctly, will last!

In my experience, over the past ten years of buying this “flantastic™” product, there’s never enough. That being said, sometimes what was once my favorite pullover, button down or blanket, now hangs out in the back of the closet because I have a new #1 flannel. Since my collection has grown over the years, when I reach into the back of my closet to slip on a veteran style or pattern, I find myself thinking, "Nah, I want my new one!" A year passes and my poor veteran Vermont Flannel™ hasn't felt the love in some time.

So, if you find yourself “flooded in flannel,” here are some handy tips on what you can do!

1) Have a party!! For real. Invite your friends and family over for a clothing swap. Clothing swaps are the best!! This way you can make room for more new flannels and keep the circle rolling! Bonus, you can see the look on your friends’ faces when they all pounce on your offerings to the clothing swap gods! Not only will the party be fun, but you’ll get to admire your old Vermont Flannel™ on your friends rather than the back of your closet!

2) You LOVE our cozy Stadium Blankets, but you already have a mountain of blankets at home? How can you justify buying another one? I too have run across this conundrum. Here is my suggestion, try contacting your local animal shelters. If your blankets are still in good shape, donate them to a great cause. Keep those loving creatures warm and happy with a well-loved blanket. Who knows, maybe you'll find yourself going home with a furry roommate to snuggle with in your new Vermont Flannel ™ blanket. Plus, you will leave with the good feeling of leaving your cozy old blanket to comfort an animal in need!

3) You could pass your flannel down through the generations! Wait, what!? Your cousin, Claire is having a baby? Finally, your beautiful kiddos will have a cousin to share all the fun AND flannel with! Boy, do they grow up fast. Share the super soft wealth of the youth clothing here at Vermont Flannel™...and what's even more fun is looking back at all those family photos and realizing that that Vermont Flannel™ youth shirt was loved by all!

4) DIY projects. The possibilities are endless! Here are some ideas on how to turn your much loved, (well-worn) flannel into something new!

Make a quilt, a purse, a headband, a pillow, holiday ornaments, boot warmers or a scarf, the list goes on and on! Need inspiration? Pinterest is a great resource for all things DIY, even flannel!

5) Sell well loved Vermont Flannel™ online or in consignment shops and donate the $$ to a charity of your choice! It's okay if that charity happens to be your vacation fund!

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