From the Mountains to your Sofa

Posted by Hannah Kinsey, The Vermont Flannel Company on Jan 22nd 2020

From the Mountains to your Sofa

A friend once told me, that the great thing about flannel is that you can take it anywhere. You can take it, high up the rocky trail of a mountain ridge as you hit the alpine line and the coolness of the air and the grandeur send goosebumps trailing along your skin, or you can take your treasured flannel piece with you to the sun dried holdings of the desert, to stop the heat as you walk over that pale sand, and gaze at the forever horizon, or keep the heat in as the temperature sets with the sun.

Not outdoorsy? Our flannel is perfect just within the small reaches of the walls of your place, to stay warm and comfortable, to start your day or to etch away at the stress of the long day you endured, in whatever way that you did. That is the beauty of flannel, it is the perfect apparel for the outdoorsman and homebody alike, and Vermont Flannelâ„¢ is not like any other flannel you have encountered. Our 100% cotton blend, is thicker, has minimal shrinkage and is the softest flannel you will come across. Snuggle up and find the perfect product for you this new year today! 

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